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Craig Child's "House of Rain"

We have been lucky enough to have Craig stay with us several times.

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The greatest “unsolved mystery” of a the American Southwest is the fate of the Anasazi, the native peoples who in the eleventh century converged on Chaco Canyon (in today’s northwest New Mexico) and built a flourishing cultural center, a vital crossroads of the prehistoric world. Their accomplishments-in agriculture, art, commerce, and engineering-were astounding. By the thirteenth century, however, the Anasazi were gone from the region. Vanished. What brought about the rapid collapse of their civilization? Craig Childs draws on the latest scholarship, as well as on a lifetime of adventure and exploration in the most forbidding landscapes of the Southwest, to 

frame the question in a whole new light. House of Rain is a feat of historical detection, an enthralling revisionist portrait of American prehistory, a new landmark work in the literature of ancient Native American culture.

Craig Childs-naturalist, adventure, and frequent contributor to National Public radio’s Morning Edition =lives in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado. His weekly acclaimed books include The Secret Knowledge of Water, Soul of Nowhere, The Way Out, The Animal Dialogues and Apocalyptic Planet.