Silver River Adobe Inn
3151 West Main Street
Farmington, New Mexico, NM 87401, United States
+1 505 3258219

Spider Woman's Daughter

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Anne Hillerman in collaboration with her husband photographer Don Strel published "Tony Hillerman's Landscapes" in 2009. The Silver River Adobe Inn is almost in this book as Anne and Don stayed with us while finding the photograph of the San Juan River viewed on pages 116 and 117. In 2010 Anne and Don again collaborated to publish "Gardens of Santa Fe", which includes David's cousin's home on pages 105 through 108.

Anne now has continued in her father's foot steps allowing the reader who has followed Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn for years to continue enjoying mysteries which take place on the Navajo reservation.

In Spider Woman's Daughter, Jim Chee’s wife, Police Officer Bernadette Manuualito continues to deliver the color of the Navajo Nation, its landscape and culture. Retired Inspector Joe Leaphorn is brought into the investigation which deals with an old mystery which holds the clue to solving this new mystery.