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How to Get Here

[justify]Our home and B & B rests on a sandstone cliff thirty feet above the San Juan River, at its confluence with the La Plata River. Two major roads which parallel these rivers likewise intersect about a block from the entrance to our place. Highway 64 runs roughly east to west across our county, and in our neighborhood it is also named West Main Street. Highway 170, which is also named the La Plata Highway, runs down the river valley from Colorado to a ?T? intersection at Highway 64.

One block east of this intersection, at 3151 West Main Street, is the driveway for the Farmington Fire Station #6, which also serves as the entrance to our B & B. We are located directly behind the fire station, about a quarter of a mile south of Highway 64.

Turn into the fire station driveway and proceed west past the front of the building, parallel to the highway for 266 yards or 800 feet or 243 meters which includes the drive up a short paved ramp that takes you to our gravel road. Turn left and drop down a small incline into the trees and to our adobe and wood building with a propanel brick-red roof - an oasis, off the highway and along the rivers.

Once you have arrived, park and walk to the porch with the sign OFFICE, ring the door bell and we will come to the door to greet you.

We offer below more detailed directions for the major highway approaches.

If you have trouble finding our place, do not hesitate to phone Toll Free: (800) 382-9251; we can talk you in.

If you are approaching Farmington on Highway 64 West, about 25 miles from Shiprock you will drive down a long steep hill and see Fire Station #6 on the right side of the highway, just after the road levels out at the ?T? intersection with Highway 170. Turn right into the fire station driveway and proceed as described above.

If you are approaching from the east, the historic downtown of Farmington is about 15 miles west from either Bloomfield or Aztec, and our b&b is another 3 miles west of downtown Farmington West Main Street, which is at this point is also Highway 64.

Traveling from Bloomfield on Highway 64 you can skip downtown (Business 64), and stay with Highway 64 using the truck route by-pass (Murray Drive) until Highway 64 joins West Main Street at a ?T? intersection. Turn left with the traffic light and continue driving west for just over one mile to the next traffic light at Apache Street, where there is a Shell gas station to your right. Continue west on Highway 64 for 3/10ths of a mile, where you will see Fire Station #6 on the left side of the highway. Use the center turning lane to turn left into the fire station driveway, and proceed as described above.

Traveling from Aztec on Highway 516 you can skip about 10 miles of stop-and-go-strip business road by taking Farmington?s northern by-pass route, Pinon Hills Boulevard. Turn right at the traffic light just west of the large Zeims Ford Sales lot on your right, which is about 7 miles west from downtown Aztec. Travel on Pinon Hills for about 8 miles to the traffic light at Highway 170; turn left and travel just over one mile to the intersection with Highway 64. Follow the directions below to our B&B.

If you are approaching from Colorado along Highway 170, you will come to a ?T? intersection at Highway 64. You will want to get into the left turn lane before the traffic light in order to enter Highway 64 East. The sign at the traffic light informs you that the east-bound traffic coming down the hill does not stop, so you need to merge with the moving traffic and get over into the right hand lane as soon as it is safe, so that you can turn right into the fire station driveway and then proceed as described above.[/justify]