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Come visit us in Farmington and the Four Corners Area of New Mexico while you explore the mystery of the Southwest and the stories of Indian Country.

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We are members Bed and and the Professional Association of International Innkeepers plus the Green Hotels Association.

Diana brings to the Silver River Adobe Inn her background in history, as a local community college teacher and as the founding curator/director of the Farmington Museum. Her interests in travel includes her childhood journey to Australia aboard ship and delightful years at Fintona, a private girls school in Melbourne, and later living as a young mother for several years in Germany and Belgium.

David shares with Diana a Pacific connection, as he was born in Hawaii, spent his boyhood in Farmington, then out to California for high school and college education at UC Santa Barbara. His career included extensive travel throughout the United States as part of Stanford Research Institute's National Studies of innovative education programs, and work throughout the Four Corners as part of Indian Head Start.

Both Diana and David are intensely curious about how the world is put together, and both read widely. The principal topics of conversation at breakfast are led by our guest’s interests, and often we find ourselves learning more about regional history, anthropology, the dynamics of personality, families, children, poetry, the soul's path and healing, living gently on the earth, and ever more wonders.

In 2009 Diana rode a bicycle from San Diego, California, to Saint Augustine, Florida, while David drove the SAG vehicle. David is one who likes to walk and camp in natural settings, whereas Diana prefers to move fast, focused on a specific goal for each day’s travel. The cross country bicycle trip of 3500 miles in 100 days turned out to be an inspired invention for each of us to meet our travel preferences. Diana was able to indulge her passion to go, go, go on her bicycle at a pace which allowed David to amble, and we would meet up satisfied to camp at the end of each day. This venture was inspired as a fund raising event for a transitional shelter for women and their children located in Farmington. More long distance bicycle rides are on the wish list. David and Diana are energetic grandparents of five, who encourage travel in an arc from Denver to Steamboat Springs to Las Vegas and flights to Alaska. Since opening our Bed and Breakfast in 1989 we have delighted in learning about other parts of the world from our guests.

Silver River Adobe Inn
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Farmington, New Mexico, NM 87401, United States
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Silver River Adobe Inn Bed and Breakfast

Rustic elegance awaits you at the Silver River Adobe Inn Bed and Breakfast which was built in the traditional architecture of northern New Mexico and offers a view from each room of the San Juan River. Just up stream the Animas River joins the San Juan River and on the corner of our property is the confluence with the La Plata River, hence the local name of Totah, the meeting place of three rivers. The San Juan River holds 50% of New Mexico’s surface flowing water, rather a miracle for this high desert plateau. Many guests exclaim their delight seeing so much water after hiking and driving through this portion of the American Southwest, called Indian Country by the early Santa Fe Railroad. The Anasazi Ruins of Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Aztec Ruins and Mesa Verde bring tourists from all over the world to the Four Corners. The splendid geology left to us of Shiprock, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and Canyon lands has been used time and again. Take home a taste of the beauty of our sun and geology.