Silver River Adobe Inn - Farmington, New Mexico, NM 87401, United States

Road Apple Rally
October 4, 2014
Lions Wilderness Park
Farmington, NM

Each October between 200 and 300 mountain bikers from across the region meet in Farmington, New Mexico to compete in the annual Road Apple Rally. The Road Apple Rally began in 1981 as a competition between horses and bicycles. It has since become a bicycle only race and stands as the longest running annual mountain bike race in the United States. This celebrated mountain bike race features five divisions:
Single Speed

The Beginner course is a 15 mile loop, all others ride the full 30 mile Road Apple Rally course. Both courses feature the whoops, where "you spend more time in the air then on the ground"! Course terrain also includes short climbs, flats, sandy arroyos and sharp corners.

Learn more about the Road Apple Rally by viewing our videos below and visiting the City of Farmington, PRCA offical website.

Visit Race Website

Click on an image below to view the videos. The videos are also available in HD on YouTube.

Road Apple Rally Course

Road Apple Rally History

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Rustic elegance awaits you at the Silver River Adobe Inn Bed and Breakfast which was built in the traditional architecture of northern New Mexico and offers a view from each room of the San Juan River. Just up stream the Animas River joins the San Juan River and on the corner of our property is the confluence with the La Plata River, hence the local name of Totah, the meeting place of three rivers. The San Juan River holds 50% of New Mexico’s surface flowing water, rather a miracle for this high desert plateau. Many guests exclaim their delight seeing so much water after hiking and driving through this portion of the American Southwest, called Indian Country by the early Santa Fe Railroad. The Anasazi Ruins of Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Aztec Ruins and Mesa Verde bring tourists from all over the world to the Four Corners. The splendid geology left to us of Shiprock, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and Canyon lands has been used time and again. Take home a taste of the beauty of our sun and geology.