Silver River Adobe Inn - Farmington, New Mexico, NM 87401, United States
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May it be beautiful before me.

May it be beautiful behind me.

May it be beautiful above me.

May it be beautiful below me.

May I walk in beauty.

Four Corners Monument became a reality in 1912. What did not take place in 1912? Rebuilt in 2010 the new Monument is attractive and quite simply draws the interest of many travelers as it marks the only point in the United States where four states come together at one small point and you can have feet and legs in one of each of the four states, New Mexico, Arizona, utah and Colorado. Surrounding this spot are several Native American booths where artists show and sale their art. I might add that the monument is only 5 miles from Highway 64 so the round trip is a total of 10 miles out of your way, so to speak. Might as well visit the Four Corners Monument. Enjoy!

Silver River Adobe Inn
3151 West Main Street
Farmington, New Mexico, NM 87401, United States
Call: +1 505 3258219


Silver River Adobe Inn Bed and Breakfast

Rustic elegance awaits you at the Silver River Adobe Inn Bed and Breakfast which was built in the traditional architecture of northern New Mexico and offers a view from each room of the San Juan River. Just up stream the Animas River joins the San Juan River and on the corner of our property is the confluence with the La Plata River, hence the local name of Totah, the meeting place of three rivers. The San Juan River holds 50% of New Mexico’s surface flowing water, rather a miracle for this high desert plateau. Many guests exclaim their delight seeing so much water after hiking and driving through this portion of the American Southwest, called Indian Country by the early Santa Fe Railroad. The Anasazi Ruins of Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Aztec Ruins and Mesa Verde bring tourists from all over the world to the Four Corners. The splendid geology left to us of Shiprock, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and Canyon lands has been used time and again. Take home a taste of the beauty of our sun and geology.