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SHIPROCK Shiprock is a remenat of an explosive volcano, 30,000,000 years ago, so not to worry, which after years of erosion left this mystical “rock with wings” jutting out of the desert landscape to be seen for miles and miles plus it has been photographed from outer space. This Rock with Wings, features in the mythology of the Navajo people. Navajo people arrived in the Shiprock area traveling on this ship, hence the name. When seen at sunrise or sunset or during a storm one easily feels the mystical calling of the pinnacle. Tony Hillerman’s book “Fallen Man” features Shiprock as the center of an investigation. A man’s body was found on the rock. Climbers are forbidden to climb Shiprock. The film “Pontiac Moon” with Ted Danson with Mary Steenburgen, also fit the rock for the story line. Currently, the film “The Lone Ranger” includes a number of shots of Shiprock including Tonto’s walk home toward the Shiprock. Since the early 1900’s a town has grown around the Shiprock pinnacle. The first weekend of May is the annual Shiprock Marathon and the first weekend of October is the Northern Navajo Nation Shiprock Fair.