History of the Four Corners

[justify]The history of the Four Corners incorporates the rich cultures and traditions of Native Americans and the recent history of Spanish and American immigration to the southwest. The Four Corners of the United States, (the only place four states touch at one corner), incorporates the northwest corner of New Mexico and is part of the area known as "Indian Country".

Near to Farmington are the Parks of the Grand Canyon, Canyon lands, Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon, Hovenweep, Mesa Verde, Aztec and Salmon Ruins. These National Parks offer a stupendous array of geological formations and Ancient Native American Ruins. You will recognize the names and scenery of these parks from the mystery novels of Tony Hillerman and many Hollywood films. Also on the list of geological wonders to visit are Shiprock (featured in the film Pontiac Moon with Ted Danson) and the Bisti Badlands wilderness, which has been a major site of dinosaur fossil excavations. Most of the above sites are close enough to Farmington for one day excursions from our B&B, or they permit the next easy day's drive in a regional tour.[/justify]