The Lone Ranger filmed in Shiprock, New Mexico

[justify]The Landscape of the American Southwest reigns supreme in the 2013 film ?The Lone Ranger.? This area of the Four Corners presents within ?its soaring Azure sky and stark landscapes one of the most hauntingly beautiful regions on earth?described by William deBuys in?A Great Aridness?. ?The Lone Ranger? is a luscious, engaging and gratifying cowboy movie, filmed on location in New Mexico and Utah.[/justify]

[justify]Horses and horsemanship remind one of the lure of the old genre cowboy films. What a delightful film and comedy. The masked man returns. We loved each and every minute. We have not seen a grand ?horse? film since ?The Man from Snowy River?, which was some three decades ago, 1982. Our last Native American film which had horses in the story line was, ?Pow Wow Highway?, 1989. The Lone Range and Tonto give us heros anyone can love, the masked man and Tonto both seek justice.[/justify]

This great setting of the Four Corners is a Westerns habitat

[justify]The Lone Range achieves his goal with the help and guidance of both of Tonto, a spirit warrior, and Silver the white horse who knows the destiny set for both humans. The Lone Ranger manages not to kill anyone as the villains manage to create their own Karmic style deaths.[/justify]

[justify]The unusual scenery of the Four Corners region is attributed to the region?s unique history, a fortunate and complex interaction between deposition, deformation (folding and fracturing), and erosion that began in the middle of the Pennsylvania Period (more than 300 million years ago) and that continues to shape the landscape today. Shiprock is a monadnock or volcanic plug rising nearly 1,583 feet above the high-desert plain on the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, New Mexico, USA. It has a peak elevation of 7,177 feet above sea level.[/justify]