Three Rivers Brewery

Three Rivers Brewery

Their story:  It all started with our love of great beer and great food! We wanted to bring it all together in a unique setting. So, in 1997 the Brewery and Eatery was launched to show our love. Since then we have won many awards and 3RB has become a destination for beer lovers from around the world.

Three Rivers Brewery has brought life to our downtown and many of us are grateful.

Or:  This building was originally built as Farmington Drug store in 1912, where my husband, David Beers, enjoyed a few soda fountain drinks as a boy.  When Three Rivers bought the building they found many prescription notes and displayed them for the historical interest under the glass table tops but then it was realized that the families of some these person’s prescriptions were alive and well in the town.  We no longer have a view to the medications of days gone by.

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